Mail delivery time from zip code to zip code.

Mail delivery time from zip code to zip code

Mail delivery time from zip code to zip code

The united state postal service (USPS) is the largest postal service of U.S which works every single day to deliver or receive the mail, packages, and parcels respectively.

The United States postal service provides favorable facilities to its users to make their posting more convenient like designating mail into several subparts such as priority mail, first-class mail express, priority mail express, marketing mail express, and USPS retail ground. Each subpart is classified in providing facilities in a different range with respect to the mail delivery.

The USPS delivers 700 million pieces of mail each day to the respective address provided to them without fail which shows they are best in what they do. The delivery of mail is done according to a process called culling. This process starts with sorting and separating mail in an arranged manner which then further proceeded to another process which is a zip code machine.

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A zip code machine punches a tracking number on the packages which the user to use it whenever they want to track their package in respect to gain details related to their shipment. The last process is to punch a fluorescent barcode on each parcel that unravels the USPS services.

The United States postal service is the number one company that provides such facilities to its users for posting mail. It was established in the year 1775 after Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first general postmaster. However, the United States postal service had suffered a heavy loss because of the widespread media communication which interrupted the use of letter services back in those days.

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People were much comfortable using media sources to share the information. However, one cannot shatter the use of postal service in terms of posting packages and mail which could not be sent over the internet.

So, here is the USPS which delivers 700 million pieces of mail, packages, and parcel all across the state providing a number of facilities to them.

What is a zip code?

The zip code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). It was chosen by the USPS to make delivery more efficient and quick. As every USPS package, the parcel has a zip code which makes it easier for the user to keep a watch on its shipment. The basic format of a zip code consists of five digits.

Zip codes are not only used for tracking shipment but also in gathering geographical statistics in the United States.

Postal bar code:

A zip code often translated into an intelligent bar code that is printed on the package to make it easier for delivery. The post office itself enables a bar code that reads information. The post office uses OCR technology to punch the bar code on to the package.

However, you can print the bar code yourself on the package but it is better to let the post office do that as they use the OCR technology. Customers who send mail in bulk can get discount on postage if they printed the barcode themselves and have presorted the mails.

There are four types of zip code:

  1. Unique:  This zip code is assigned to a single high-volume address.
  2. Post office box only:  The post office box only used for PO boxes and not for any other delivery.
  3. Military: Military zip codes are used to route mails for the U.S military only.
  4. Standard: Standard deliveries use all other zip codes.

The unique zip code is generally used for government agencies, universities, businesses or buildings that receive a high amount of mail that they need their own zip codes.

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The zip code is a five-digit number where the first digit simplifies a certain group of U.S. States, the second and third digits together simplifies a region in that group, and the fourth and fifth digits simplify the group of delivery within that specific region.

As of 2015, there were over 42,000 zip codes in the United States. The zip code is basically for tracking shipments. It makes easier for the recipient to track his/her shipment with the tracking number provided to them.

Delivery mail time from zip code to zip code:

The delivery time of every package is depending upon the mail you’ve chosen. Suppose if you’ve chosen the priority mail express service then the USPS will deliver your package within 1-2 days of posting on depending on your zip code.

QiVantage offers priority international mail service via U.S postal service to Canada, the delivery takes 5-8 business working days

Mail delivery time estimator:

To calculate the delivery time of your zip code, the USPS provides a form in which by entering your zip code and setting mailing time to after 4:00 pm, you can now easily toggle between express and priority mail to see the delivery timing.

Want to Know More about Mail Delivery Time from ZIP Code to ZIP Code?

However, here we have already provided complete information about mail delivery time from zip code to zip code, but if you still need more information, you need to look at nowhere else but official sources of USA postal service. There could be minor changes that you can know by visiting the official site of the USA postal service.

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If you want to keep updated yourself with the latest information about postal service or mail delivery time from zip code to zip code, you need to keep visiting at our site. Here, we will keep updating you about the latest information about the USA postal service.


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